Why do you play the cello? Every one has a different reason, and whether that is to connect, inspire, enjoy, or even just as a nice addition to a college application, regular performance can help establish your presence as a musician. The cello is a beautiful blank canvas for you to drench in your own artistic paints, so take every chance you get to perform!

Performance Tips & Tricks: Breathe!! This sounds obvious, but when you are nervous and your breathing is impaired by that familiar rush of adrenaline, your body reacts naturally with sweaty hands, memory loss, and shakiness- none of which make for a good performance. Before performing, it can also help to drink water, and consume potassium in the form of a banana, or coconut or pomegranate juice.

Another thing not to be overlooked is the importance of practicing performing. Before a serious performance, you should have lots of mini “try-out” performances. Ask to play for family and friends, or even record yourself. This will help you understand how you personally react to performing, and help you spot any trouble sections in your pieces.

Finally, in the moment, just let go. Try to keep your mind focused and calm. You have worked hard for this moment! Don’t worry about the audience- just enjoy yourself.

Performance Opportunities: Depending on where you live, there will probably be string festivals in the spring-time. Go to them! It is a great chance to get some feedback and a new perspective. Audition for any group you are interested in, because even if you don’t get in, it is still a good performance opportunity. If you are still struggling to find places to perform, check with your local churches, restaurants, retirement homes, and public parks.

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