New Students

Welcome to the studio! I am very glad you have decided to join us. Your input is always welcomed, as well as any questions you might have. I am always just a click of the “Contact” button away!

This is a link to my personalized practice chart that I recommend to all students, and below is my lesson policy.


Tuition: The hourly rate for lessons is €30 for in person lessons or $30 for Skype lessons. All tuition must be paid before, or at the beginning of the lesson, no exceptions. Lessons can be paid one at a time, or monthly. If a lesson is cancelled within 24 four hours of the lesson or less, full tuition will be due. Please give me at least 24 hours of notice for a lesson cancellation!

Parent Involvement: A parent or guardian must accompany all students under 10 years of age for each lesson (preferably the same person each time). This is to ensure that everything taught in the lesson will be retained and understood.

Practice and Preparedness: All students are encouraged to practice the amount of time discussed in the lesson. Once again, for students under 10, parent involvement is encouraged. All students must come to the lesson with their music, practice charts, instrument, and any other materials necessary. No student is required to be perfect, but I expect that during the lesson, and during practice, they try as hard as they can, give respect to the teacher (and parents, if present), and remain cheerful and positive.


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