My teaching method utilizes a clear and focused program to help each student progress. By tailoring my teaching to the individual, I help my students create and attain their personal goals. I believe that music is a means to connect with others, and that is my motivation in all of my teaching.

I focus heavily on proper technique and understanding of both the cello and music as a whole, as well as enjoying the long and beautiful process that is improvement. I do not follow a pre-ordained method, but have created my own over the years. This way of teaching has been heavily influenced by my own teachers, especially Bonnie Romkey (my mom). I am a student myself, and anytime I learn a new approach, I think of how I can apply that knowledge in the lessons that I give.

Students of my studio can expect straight-forward instructions on what to work on for the week, as well as extra support via email or text any time they have questions. During the lesson I show them different ways to practice and give them short, simple exercises to strengthen their weaknesses. Depending on the level, age and interests of the student, we may play games, explore pieces they show interest in, or speak about the philosophy, history and theory of music.

Everyone has a different reason for taking lessons. My goal is to help each student understand their own intentions for playing, and most importantly- to look back on their lessons with fondness and inspiration.



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