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Lessons are available in person in Seattle, WA, or online via Discord for $50 per hour. Please contact me for available times and scheduling.


I accept students of all ages and backgrounds, from a beginner level to a collegiate-preparatory level.

I have been developing my teaching method for over ten years. My primary goal is to help my students understand the deep connections in themselves and between others that music can build. With the understanding that musical motivations are highly personalized, I work with each student to precisely define their goals and create a straightforward path towards achievement.

My program is clear and concise, but highly adjusted for each individual. Starting with a strong foundation of technical work including scales, exercises, theoretical and note reading work, I ensure the optimal set up for each student to be able to play with confidence and comfort. I teach a variety of repertoire that is primarily classical, but I often supplement this with pieces from many other genres, especially any that the student has a particular interest in. I encourage all of my students to participate in group-learning environments, and keep them and their parents apprised of camps, competitions, and other performance opportunities available in their area.


A parent or guardian must accompany all students under 10 years of age for each lesson (preferably the same person each time). This is to ensure that everything taught in the lesson will be retained and understood.

I will prepare a personalized practice chart every lesson to guide each student through their daily practice. It is the responsibility of the student to follow this structure, and for students under 10, parent involvement is required. All students must come to the lesson with their music, practice charts, instrument, and any other materials necessary. No student is required to be perfect, but I expect that during the lesson, and during practice, they try as hard as they can, give respect to the teacher (and parents, if present), and remain cheerful and positive.

Scheduling revolves around setting up a dependable, weekly hour for each lesson. Rescheduling to a different day or hour is always acceptable when notice is given to me more than 24 hours before the regular lesson time.


I have been teaching remotely for over 6 years with great success. The ease of having a lesson in your own home is highly advantageous, especially for busy individuals and families. With constant improvements in the technological world, I am now able to teach regularly without video or audio delay, and with a clear sound and image for both the student and me. While the obvious disadvantage of video lessons is the lack of physical interaction, I feel that I am fully able to mitigate that issue through my own experience and virtual approach, which is augmented by the help of parent involvement with younger students.

Lesson streaming is all done through Discord, a free application that does not require downloading the app. I have found the quality, speed, and options on Discord to be much better than applications like Zoom or Skype. Please make a Discord Account before your first lesson.

Due to my full schedule, I cannot extend extra lesson time to students who experience technological difficulties. Please use a trusted device with a strong internet connection, and keep your phone handy as a back-up.


Lessons cost $50/hour, to be paid monthly. If you prefer to have a shorter lesson, you must still reserve the hour slot and pay the same tuition.

Tuition payments are due by the second Monday of each month, or a $20 late fee will be applied. If I am given more than 24 hours notice of a lesson cancellation, I will do my best to reschedule a make-up lesson for you that month, but its not guaranteed. Lessons cancelled within 24 hours will not be applicable for make-up lessons. If you need to take an extended break (say for example, during the summer), you may pay to keep your lesson slot, or be moved to the waitlist. If I need to cancel a lesson due to a concert performance, serious illness or other force major, a make up lesson or refund is guaranteed.

For online lessons: Venmo, Zelle, Paypal (username: @mariahlarsencello)

For in person lessons: above methods, cash or check


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